Gold Party

Suitable Age: 4-9 year olds

Duration: 45mins


It’s a fun filled 45 minute show which includes audience participation and involvement, belly laughter, fun, games and everyone goes wild for Robbie the dog puppet.



Gold Party (Extra)

Suitable Age: 4-9 year olds

Duration: 1 hour


Sixty minutes of pure fun and magical entertainment. Lots of audience participation, plenty of belly laughs, games & mini disco.


Party kicks off with 15-20 mins of party games, all games are non-elimination so no-one is left out or has the chance to get bored.



Mobile Magic School

Suitable Age: 7-12 year olds

Duration: 2 hours


Mobile Magic school is perfect for something different for your Birthday party, Library, School, After School clubs, Summer camps, Halloween and Christmas events. Mobile Magic School is also perfect for corporate family events; a great opportunity for colleagues, parents and children to learn and have fun together.


There is a Harry Potter in all of us and Mobile Magic School is designed for older kids who are budding magicians & wizards.


Thank you Nevin for a fantastic party and an amazing show. Everyone had so much fun especially my aunt who is still laughing, and young Ben who doesn’t just want to be a magician, he wants to be Cody! The show had everything something for the kids and adults alike, just wonderful!
Thank you, Deirdre & Johnny, Galway

Cody’s Brilliant Magical Parties

Award winning Kilkenny Magician, Nevin Cody AKA “Cody the Magician” is one of Ireland’s premier children’s entertainers. Over the years he has performed at many events throughout Ireland and abroad & time and time again he was inundated with requests to perform at children’s parties; from these requests “CODY the Magician” was born. He loves to perform and inspire minds through laughter, fun and magic


“I don’t do magic to create an experience, I do experiences to create MAGIC”

(Nevin Cody 2016)


From the smallest house party, to the local parish hall party for larger numbers we offer a number of incredible party solutions for you to choose, so please do not hesitate in contacting us today to discuss, we can make all of your entertainment concerns vanish (Ta Dah!). So don’t panic, stay calm, sit back and enjoy – it’s show time.

It’s been 6 weeks since Magic School in Kyteler’s Inn and everything has just been magic with the girls. They continue to do tricks and use the magic words every day. Christmas stocking fillers sorted “Magic sets”. Thank you for given them magical memories and inspiring them.

Anne, Kilkenny


What will Cody need me to do?

Cody will bring everything he needs including a stage backdrop, turning your living room or venue into your very own intimate theatre in only a few minutes.

Then it’s time to bring the kids into the room (theatre) and the show will begin!

All you need to do is provide a space large enough for the children and Cody to perform.

Oh you will need to provide the kids too (lolJ)

For large venues Cody will have a technical spec he will send if required.


Be assured, Cody will always arrive early and be set up for the agreed show time.

What a fantastic show, you are so funny “what’s my name”, the mind reading trick was super and blew us away. Tonight’s show completes our visit to Dublin in style. Just wonderful, Thank you,

Howard W. Gutman


United States of America, Belgium



How many children can attend the party? For Cody to create a fun atmosphere a minimum of 7-8 children is ideal. There is no upper limit so if you have the space the more the merrier.

Cody’s show has something for everyone including the grown-ups so be ready to sit back, grab a drink, some cake and find a good spot to sit and take photos. If you do have other entertainment planned for the adults during the show, Cody will need at least one adult to sit in on his show.


Can we take photographs or video of the performance? Cody is heartened when parents wish to capture photographs of special moments, memories to be treasured. Be sure to share them with Cody so he can place on his wall of fame.


To keep the magic truly special, Cody asks for shows not to be video recorded. But, as many parents like to have a video of these magic moments, Cody will tell you in advance when the best moment in the show to have your video camera ready to take some short video clips when the birthday child is helping out onstage as magician’s assistant. 

 How far in advance do I need to book? Bookings can be taken up to 18 months in advance of event. It is wise to check availability as soon as you have a date in mind as some key dates do tend to be booked well in advance.


Do you have public liability insurance? Yes indeed. Any professional that works in the public domain should have this and copy available on request.


Will you haggle on price? While we will try and cater for every budget you would not go into your local shop and haggle down the price of a bar of chocolate. Every fee quoted will be a fair price and fair reflection of the service you will receive. Running my business is my job and to provide a professional service there are many outgoings such as Accountants, Insurance, Marketing, travel, equipment, uniform, phone, website, wages and of course tax.